food ordering
and booking
Just a scanning brings you delicacy


Place orders and pay the bill,
enjoy food as you want

The user can order food, check surrounding restaurants location, place orders,
pay the bill, pre-set time and table seats by scanning a QR code


Scanning a QR code brings you delicacy

The table and a QR code match the order, saving the troublesome process of paying the bill.

Intelligent bill-split/integration

It supports independent bill paying, bill-split and bill-integration,
getting rid of the bill paying embarrassment of a party.

VIP recharge card to pay

VIP can log in by WeChat scanning or phone number and manage the balance, recharge
the card and accumulate credits. Online modes of payment are supported, such as
WeChat Pay, AliPay, UnionPay, ApplePay, Baidu Pay and PayPal.

Online promotion master

In the We Media era, however small the restaurant is, it can have its own brand. EMenu not only helps the merchants present their brands, but help them establish public accounts to absorb fans, with VIP managing the platform, to establish We Media. Meanwhile, the customers can share and promote on WeChat, Weibo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. “Being kidnapped” group buying rejected!

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