Who said can't use pad
in the kitchen!


More accurate and more time
than print receipts

The eChef can control the customer orders by the same dishes, push food, cooking status ,remark,
intelligent sorting, cancel dishes etc. When the order has reached a predetermined time, the system
will automatically prompt reminder to red background, so as to avoid the leakage of food situation
Reduce the use of kitchen printer supplies,reduce the cost of kitchen operations.

Support:iPad、Android Pad、iPhone、iPod、Wi-Fi Printer、Big Screen

Dishes intelligent sorting,

improve the efficiency of serving

The eMenu not only sorts out all orders for different chef in a short time, but also intelligently allocates time of preparation for chef to follow. Either way is to improve guest dining experience. At the same time, personnel evaluation has been completed by the management. Not to mention that the interface is displayed in three different ways, by time, by table and by dish.
Chef could choose any way to display.

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