Never has service
been so easy.


Only relaxed waiters can offer the most natural and sincere service

eServe can accomplish ordering, placing orders receiving calling service, AliPay, WeChat Pay and other operations. It can be used for tables by turns. The waiters feel relieved and the customers feel secure


Labor cost saving

The customers order food by themselves, saving serving labor and reducing cost. For instance, a restaurant originally needs 15 employees, but now it needs just 10 to complete the service.

On-call service

Pad food ordering system is equipped with calling function, which just need a slight press, calls the waiter to be your side. The customer can also give their requirement, and the waiter will directly provide service.

Promptly place orders and supply dishes

Fly your own plane and let others take a taxi.
Shorten the time of ordering food, placing orders and pay the bill.
Improve efficiency of having dinner and service experience.

High-end service experience

High-end, technological and artist service make it easier to be learnt. Quiet intelligent dining environment is established. It is most favored by the young. With high-end service experience, re-consuming, profits and income, the restaurant can be leading others.

Amiable fool

Feasible for both the old and the children, special
designed, operational with no need of guiding
Fool operation, people-oriented service, to ensure the convenient use of various customers

Language shift

Front and back end and dishes data support multiple language shift, including Chinese, English, Korean, and Japanese, etc., to improve service quality; enabling international customers to place orders, and making them regular customers.

Convenient a
QR code Scanning
to pay the bill

It supports WeChat Pay, AliPay, UnionPay, ApplePay, Baidu Pay, PayPal and other online payment methods.

Restaurant ordering procedure

The work procedure is simplified, with profits enhanced. Ordering, paying,
communication of restaurant and backfield can all be done with wireless technology,
which assists restaurant save labor and improve service quality.

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